INSPIRATION: You’re Pregnant With God’s Purpose

The Lord dropped something in my spirit, I’d like to share it with you.

I’m trying to put it all into words…I pray that it is a blessing to you.
If you feel led, please feel free to share this with others. If you feel led, please feel free to send me a message – your message encourages me in my walk with Christ and keeps me humble.

At the bottom, you will also see the scriptures and video that I feel will be a blessing as well.
God bless!

Does anybody feel stressed out from the North, South, East AND the West?!?!?

Seems like if someone taps you on the shoulder, you will break into a million little pieces! Everything seems out of whack…church, house, relationships, job direction…

You’re at your breaking point! Lord, I need you to show up, I can’t take anymore! You feel like crying at random times of the day. You feel like God is tugging on you to pray more.

You’ve prayed and cried…prayed, and cried some more – Lord, what direction should I take concerning moving into a new home/apartment, my job…how do I handle my area of gifting? Lord, people seem to be ganging up against me, they don’t even recognize that I’m going through a rough season!

Ha, God is working saints…don’t get it twisted!

You are in the last few weeks of your spiritual pregnancy for this season. Yes you are. It’s time to rejoice! The labor pains are becoming more frequent, but it’s because you are truly pregnant in the spirit! You have heard many speak about being “pregnant” but you’ve never experienced it.

It’s your turn. A baby takes 9 months. God has already told you that He has placed certain gifts within you. Those gifts must be cultivated…thus…the spiritual pregnancy.

You’re starting to get uncomfortable and you are ready to deliver this baby! Come on now Jesus. This is a time of excitement, it is a time of preparation for the arrival of the “baby”…more prayer is required, more sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.

If you are pregnant in the spirit right now, you need to get excited. Your delivery date is SOON approaching. That’s why your church members seem to be against you. That’s why your own family members won’t help you.

You’re pregnant, and you’re glowing in the Spirit! We talked about the season of death a few weeks ago. Many are dying so that those who have been pregnant can begin to deliver God’s Word and His love to the nations!

Rejoice in the fact that the pressure is there, we’s gone have a baby in the spirit yaw! All of the weight, pressure, unusual experiences…it’s all apart of being pregnant. But here is what we know, the baby MUST come out, and when it does, we will see that all of the preparation was worth it.

We have to recognize that there is a process to birthing the gift. When a woman is pregnant, she has no control over the amount of weight that she will gain, the morning sickness, mood, or appetite – the baby inside of her controls all of that, lol. Just like in the spirit, we have no control – we yield everything unto our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ – His will be done.

Don’t get distracted in this season. Get in position and get ready to PUSH!!!! Thank God for the gift.

Philippians 1:6
New International Version (NIV)
6 being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.


6 responses to “INSPIRATION: You’re Pregnant With God’s Purpose

  1. Neechy, Thank you for these of encouragement, I thought I was well on my way to losing it. Just as you stated everything is out of whack in my life and I been trying to understand… why? Crying and praying…whew! I’m on my face every night. But it makes sense, but these labor pains are intense. This spiritual baby will be born.. so I guess I could fight it and the pain could be worse or I could go with it and let it come forth. Thank you my sister, keep the faith keep and doing what you’re doing.

  2. Neechy I’m speechless…don’t know whether to just scream, shout, or jump on top of my desk or maybe run around, but I can’t lol…I’m at the Library reading this on the pc lol! Muchas Gracias for sharing this Word with us! It’s mos’ def’ what I needed to hear! I want you to know that you are a tremendous blessing to me and I always read your posts, hear neechy radio links, and watch your funny vids as well! May God bless you in all that you do for His kingdom! Sincerely, Nathanael Lopez Jr.

  3. Even across the seas millions of miles away God still knows what is going on with me and I’ve done all of that and then some. I know the time is now to just let that “baby” come!! I’m excited and I couldn’t have gotten this at a better time!! Praise God!! Thanks King!! n Neechy!!

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  5. Glory to God!!!!
    Sis Neechy.
    This was right on time for me.
    Last week was trying. There was a pressing in my spirit. The devil was trying to force me out of the race…but glory to God I praised my way through day after day, some days I just cry to God. I kept pressing determined not to give up or give in. I sought God even the more turned down my plate and glory to God last night in had a dream I was pregnant and when I woke up it was on my mind like ….?????) As I laid in the bed thinking about this, the Lord dropped in my spirit that this pregnancy was spiritual and the spirit baby was leaping. So it then made even more sense. The devil didn’t want me to press on because he knew that the pregnancy was soon to come. Glory to God.
    Now I am waiting for this spiritual birth to take place. This pregnancy is going to birth power in the name of Jesus Christ

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