What’s Really Going On With American Idol?

American Idol JudgesOkay, let me start by admitting that I haven’t watched American Idol in like 2 years. I used to really enjoy watching the audition process but…not so much anymore.

Anywho…I’m pretty sure that there are at least 100 saints who will agree with me when I say that they should probably just cancel the show. Ryan Seacrest has made a good amount of money, we’ve had a winner from several different genre’s, soooo…let’s move on.

Anywho, 64 year old Rocker Steven Tyler on Thursday bowed out of his job as a judge, saying he wants to dedicate himself to his band, Aerosmith. J-lo is also undecided as to whether or not to return as a judge for another season.

The other thing is, the most recent season ended with the lowest rated finale ever, with just 21.5 million Americans watching. Back in 2006 and 2007, they had more than 30 million viewers during the finale.

Share your thoughts, should we just focus on the X-Factor and America’s Got Talent?


One response to “What’s Really Going On With American Idol?

  1. I just love Jessica Sanchez, and also Joshua Leddet!!! I still love the show! This year we got to see alot of inspirational and gospel songs on the show! I am glad to see the show being even more open this year to this music! Thanks for sharing the video! God bless you Neechy!

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