INSPIRATION: I Will Not Be Bound By My Past

BoundIn this moment, you feel burdened, depressed, bound, inconsolable, heavy, guilty, ashamed, and useless.

The enemy is hovering over you like a dark cloud, reminding you of all of the trouble in your past – the fight when you were 12, the inappropriate sexual acts when you were 14, the late night in the car with your highschool boy/girlfriend, sneaking out of your parents home, stealing the car, stealing money from your job…

On top of that…he has you wondering and stressing over the imperfections in your marriage over the last few years…you think to yourself…perhaps I’m better off single. You think about how he/she broke your trust years ago…yet NOW you ask yourself WHY DID I STAY? WHEN WILL HAPPINESS COME? I DIDN’T DESERVE THIS.

You’re stress out over parental decisions that you made 12 years ago, because you want to be the perfect parent.


This week, you’re on your menstrual cycle, the enemy is using this vulnerable time to attack you from every direction…to bring your spirit down, to make you want to give up… (On a natural note, I encourage women to make sure that you take the proper vitamins/supplements PRIOR to this time of the month, to ensure that the enemy cannot use this as an entry way).

Why Lord…why do I feel this way? I’m a minister, a pastor, a praise team leader, an intercessor, a prophet, an usher, an altar worker…how is it that I can help to uplift others…yet I I’ve been in a funk for the last several days…

You want to pray…but instead you release buckets of tears…in this moment, you’re not suicidal, but you’d sure like to just crawl up into a corner and hide for a while. How can you be expected to minister this weekend when your spirit is so heavy…

THERE IS HOPE SAINTS OF GOD!! We must not forget what God has promised to us. We must recognize that many spiritual births took place over the last few weeks…the enemy is scrounging for ways to bring you down. He couldn’t mess you up with Sis. Cut Up, so he went for your spouse. He couldn’t mess you up with your spouse, so now he’s going straight at you with everything he’s got! His last option was to attack you concerning your past…which we know has already been forgiven!! No more guilt! No more shame! No more shackles!!!

The enemy is no match for our matchless Jesus. God SHALL reign in your life and you SHALL have the victory over this situation! We declare NOW that the enemy will loose his hold off of your mind!

In this moment, we must be sure to guard ourselves and clothe ourselves with the Word of the Lord. We must pray and build a shield of protection. We must know, that this very moment, can and will be used as a testimony to uplift someone else.

Thing is, the anointing is on you super tough, and you know it. You know that your gifts have NOW made room for you. You must know, that with this, may come moments of sorrow…but it will all be worthit because God will get the glory for your victory.

So fear not…what the enemy shall try to do…he is already defeated. But remember, that you play a role in this as well…and that is to pray, fast, read, and stay focused.

Now put your shades on because your future is looking might bright!!!


2 responses to “INSPIRATION: I Will Not Be Bound By My Past

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  2. This has brightning my day thanks to the lord for making me see another,another day to get closer to him and learn more.

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