INSPIRATION: Don’t Run From The Labor Pains

I have something to share, I’m trying my best to put it into words…I pray that it blesses you.

The weight of this spiritual baby seems unbearable right now. If there was ever a time of labor, it is right now!

It seems that God has stripped you of every other resource…help from friends, help from family, help from church members…

You’re sitting in a place of wishing that someone would just walk up to you and hand you everything that you need – the keys to a new house, money, a job…

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You ain’t got but a few dollars in your pocket…you need all of that PLUS some to pay the bill by the end of the day tomorrow…but you still tithed…even though you felt that you didn’t have the money to tithe. You chose to walk in obedience…believing that God should not be put on the back burner, just because you are in a rough season.

The labor is so intense, that you wish that someone would just give you an epidural and wake you up when the labor is over.

Thing is, even while you have been in the midst of the labor, God has called you to pray with and for others, to prophesy, to use your spiritual gifts in order to be a blessing to others…they have no idea what you’re going through.

During this process, even though you are completely broke, down and out, somehow you have remained dependent upon God to do the unexpected. You have increased in the area of faith and said LORD, YOU’VE GOT TO DO IT…ONLY YOU CAN.

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You want to cry, but you can’t. You get up, put on your clothes, make a gourmet meal out of Ramen noodles and chicken nuggets, comb your hair, brush your teeth, smile, show up for ministry, show up for church…and never tell a soul about all of your burdens.

See, already…there is a miracle in the air. The miracle is that God has changed your way of thinking. A while back…you would’ve told all of your pals about your struggle, but today – you only told Jesus! Ha! He is your Saviour! He will come to your rescue on time! He will deliver you according to His perfect will.

You shall NOT be bewildered hallelujah! You shall be refined unto the glory of the Lord! You already know that your gifts have begun to flourish even more since you have been in the midst of the labor pains! Ha! See how God is refining you?!?!? There is a miracle in giving birth yaw.

No human can truly explain how a seed grows into a 10 pound baby! It’s a miracle!

I’m telling you, the baby is on the way! Just before the baby comes, the mother becomes more fatigued, her skin may break out a bit, she walks a bit slower, her hair may change, she may use the restroom more because of the PUSH on her bladder…haha!!! But she still knows that the baby is coming! She can’t turn back now, the miracle is coming!!!

Yesssss Jesus!!! Get ready for the miracles saints! Throw your hands up to the Lord and PUSH!!!!!

God Inspired
Neechy 2012


4 responses to “INSPIRATION: Don’t Run From The Labor Pains

  1. Wow if one felt like they couldnt make it after reading this message my Lord I Know I will Run on & see what the end will be. #PUSHINGTHRU

  2. Your word give me so much encouragement to continue my walk and live in faith. Thank you. #breathingthoughthecontractions.

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