The Lord placed this in my spirit on April 7, 2013.

I pray that it is a blessing to you.

Why are you stressed out just because the PEOPLE don’t see you for who you really are? At this moment, you feel like you’ve been standing on the front line saying PICK ME PICK ME. DON’T YOU SEE ME? I’M QUALIFIED.

But what you must know, is that it doesn’t matter whether or not the PEOPLE see you. GOD sees you…He created you. He has already promised you the abundance in your areas of gifting. This will come in the form of doors that MAN is unable to open for you. You must keep your eyes focused on Christ Jesus. I understand…you feel like the people have overlooked you…you gotta laugh at that one, because it doesn’t matter!

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You already know that you are pregnant with the gift. Have you ever seen a pregnant woman who didn’t deliver the baby?!?!? Ha! Come on here now! God will not impregnate you with the gift and not bring it to pass!

God is going to elevate you expeditiously, but it will NOT be on the platform that you currently stand on. That particular platform or arena cannot even handle the awesomeness that you are getting ready to step into.


God has prepared you for this time. In your past, you have already had places of natural loneliness, you’ve had times where you were lonely in operating in your area of gifting…these were the moments where all you COULD do was call on God. So to be in a place of loneliness in your area of progression…is like a piece of cake. During this month of April, people are going to begin to RUN to you…wanting to PAY you for your expertise in your area of gifting. Some of you have already experienced this during the end of March and the top of April. You don’t have to try to be seen, God already sees you and He is working on your behalf.

Stay in your Word. Draw close To Him. Believe Him.

Now strut on in Jesus name with yo bad self!!!

Copyright @Neechy 2013


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