Percy Bady Releases Kingdom Inspirations

Percy Bady - Kingdom InspirationsGrammy ®, Dove and BMI Award-winner, Percy Bady announced the release of the highly anticipated new project, Kingdom Inspirations. The CD is available online and in stores on May 7 and distributed in partnership by Maranatha! Music and EMI CMG Distribution.

“The initial thought for this CD was make music that would be encouraging and inspiring to people,” Bady said of Kingdom Inspirations. “I had a lot of things that happened during the making of the record which prolonged the process, and there are certain songs that wouldn’t even have been birthed without the experiences that I had. More than 60% of the songs are from the experiences I had while making the record—everything from personal turmoil to challenges I’ve been faced with from a business standpoint and the economic downturn. All of it kind of contributed to where I was mentally, spiritually, emotionally and financially. I needed to have that connection directly to those experiences for those songs to be birthed.”

One of those experiences shines through on the debut Gospel radio single “I Won’t Give Up,” featuring Canton Jones. The single speaks about strength and resilience during difficult times and is an anthem of Bady’s. “I Won’t Give Up” is impacting gospel radio and gaining momentum on the charts. Bady has been premiering the new track at Gospel events around the country including Philadelphia’s Praise 103.9 Inspiration and Music Conference and the Worship And Praise Conference in Atlanta.

Other songs on the 12-track Kingdom Inspirations CD include “Painful But Necessary,” “Still,” and “Don’t Stop Praising Him” and “Changing the World for Good,” which offers encouragement for hardships we all face in this world, and “Delayed Not Denied,” which is a reminder that we are on God’s time.

Bady is a not only a talented vocalist, but he also utilized his gifts as a producer and songwriter on Kingdom Inspirations, spotlighting a side of the artist that was nurtured as a young child.

“I’ve always felt I’m here to do music,” said Bady. “Ever since I played and could understand what my playing and what music did to an atmosphere, how it made people smile and laugh and sing along, I always knew what I wanted to do. I tried to evoke those same emotions on the writing and production of Kingdom Inspirations.”

Bady continues to break new ground as a film producer when he releases the behind-the-scenes story of the making of Kingdom Inspirations. The one hour docufilm is set to release this spring on television.

“I felt that people would be encouraged to see how the Lord took me through the adversity I experienced while making this record. His love and faithfulness were just what I needed to hold on through the tough circumstances,” commented Bady.

Bady currently serves as Creative Arts Director for New Life Covenant in Chicago and spearheads A&R for Maranatha! Gospel.

“It’s important that you make sure that the music and singing really comes from your heart because I really believe what’s from the heart reaches the heart,” added Bady. “It has to be honest and it has to be transparent as well.”

For more information about Percy Bady, visit:


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