Is There Truly An Army Rising Up?

imageI’m a soldier, in the army of the Lord!

There’s an army rising up, to break every chain!

I got my war clothes on!

How many of us sing this line of worship during our services on Sunday morning? Do you realize that WE are a part of the ARMY?

We are entering a season where you must be on your post in this army. We are at war and the enemy is REAL!!!

No longer will the atmosphere promote those who are married, yet they still have 3 or 4 women/men on call in various states. No longer will the atmosphere accept a worship leader who only worships on Sunday morning between the hours of 11 and 12. No longer will the atmosphere allow for a musician who touches the keys so skillfully, yet he was touching on they keys of Martha or Mark the night before. No longer will the atmosphere accept the Prophet or Prophetess who is faking it from the pulpit just so that the people will give more money during offering.


Saints, we are stepping into a season of responsibility. We are facing many things in the spiritual realm, in the media, and in our daily lives. We must be prepared and ready…with our spiritual discernment “turnt-up.”

How can we be ready if we are the main ones in FRONT of the people, yet our lives don’t line up with being a solider in the army of The Lord? How can we be chain breakers, when we ourselves are the weakest link?

We all have an appointment with “checking ourselves” or “getting put in check”…Lord knows that I thank God when He puts me in check. I want to be used by Him. I want to be a CHAIN BREAKER.


The army is often used to identify and snuff out the enemy. How can they effectively and confidently do that, if there is a dude in the army who is a weak link? You know…the one who failed bootcamp, the one who doesn’t know how to properly use his/her weapon, the one who doesn’t know how to follow orders. How can there be leaders and soldiers within the army if their character does not warrant for additional recruits? How can we FIGHT the enemy by day, and PARTY with the enemy like a rockstar at night?

Are we living as true soldiers of The Army of The Lord, or have we gone AWOL? In a minute, the weakest links within our local ministries (armies) will be exposed. Do you have your war clothes on, or are you faking it?

Check out II Timothy 2:3-4

3 Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.

4 No man that warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of this life; that he may please him who hath chosen him to be a soldier.

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Copyright NEECHY 2013


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