INSPIRATION: Jesus Is My Lawyer

courtSoooo, yesterday, I asked you all to stand in agreement with me…
I needed the favor of the Lord yesterday afternoon.

Ha! If He did it before! He can do it again!!! YESSSSSS Jesus! He did it again! I had to fight a traffic ticket. I didn’t feel that it was at fault due to the way the signage was displayed. My driving record is impeccable and deez jokers were trying to give me points on my license! No Sir!! lol.

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I thank the Lord for the victory. I thank Him for being A LAWYER IN THE COURT ROOM! Often times we only look to God for things like healing cancer, a new car, a new job…but I believe God to do ALL THINGS!!! Amen!

Today, if you are facing something that may be stressing you out…the situation seems huge and impossible to overcome…perhaps it’s a job interview, court case, board meeting, ANYTHING…just know that God is GREATER!! You’ve seen Him do miracles and awesome wonders before and in the lives of others…Don’t doubt Him when it concerns YOU!!

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You’ve labored on the altar, interceded for others, believed God for others…it’s time to believe Him to do a work in YOUR life. Amen. It is done!

SCRIPTURES: Take a look at Psalm 27 which reminds us that our hearts shall not fear! God is our light and our salvation, why do we fear whatever it is that we must face today.


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