United Airlines To Expand Baggage Service?

United-Airlines-BaggageOh my goodness, yet another way for the airlines to milk extra money from the consumers.

United Airlines has expanded its new baggage delivery option, enabling customers to skip baggage claim upon arrival and have their checked bags delivered directly to their final destinations – within 100 miles of their arrival airports.

Baggage Delivery by BagsVIP is now available to customers departing from any domestic airport and arriving in 36 cities including Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston and Portland.

The airline plans to expand the service to more than 190 domestic airports.

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“Following positive customer response after our first month, we’re pleased to expand our baggage delivery service to 30 additional cities,” said Scott Wilson , United’s vice president of merchandising and eCommerce. “Just in time for Spring Break, the service is now available for customers flying on 80 percent of United’s domestic flights.”

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So are you ready for the actual rates?

Standard rates for bag delivery within a 40-mile radius of the arrival airport are as follows:

1 bag – $29.95

2 bags – $39.95

3-8 bags – $49.95

All of this is in ADDITION to the cost to actually check your bag at the airport. This whole airline thing is getting totally out of control. What say ye? Seems like everyone is grabbing at straws to find creative ways to get the passengers to spend more money.

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