J Shep Celebrates Music Placement in National Ad Campaign for The Coca-Cola Pay It Forward Program

JShepStandard Music Group and its leader Jason Shepherd (J Shep) have secured a music placement in the current national Coca-Cola “Pay It Forward” campaign. This is the first advertising campaign placement for Standard Music Group and Shepherd, who have been working in music production for 8 years.

The Coca-Cola “Pay It Forward” program rewards four young adults with the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for an apprenticeship experience with one of the following celebrity history makers: Magic Johnson, President & CEO Magic Johnson Enterprises; Debra Lee, Chairman & CEO BET Networks; Common, Hip-Hop Artist and Founder of Common Ground Foundation. Jason Shepherd’s music being selected for a campaign promoting mentorship and giving-back is truly a natural fit, as Shepherd’s personal focus on family and legacy is of great importance to him. The instrumental featured in the commercial is of a song titled “Solution,” from the album J Shep Presents: The Urban Notebook.

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In the realm of songwriting, and along with his personal projects, J Shep has also had the opportunity to write for several prominent Gospel artists including: Phil Tarver, Shekinah Glory Ministries, Rosalind Sanders, Valencia Lacey & Unquenchable Worshippers, Edwin Hawkins Music and Arts Seminar, and Dexter Walker & Zion Movement. Jason has toured Europe as a musician and choir director with gospel recording group The Brown Sisters as well as the Columbia College Universal Choir. He also began serving in church music ministry at a young age and continues to serve with over 14 years of combined experience.

For more information on J Shep and Standard Music Group go to http://www.therealjshep.com ; to learn more about the Coca-Cola “Pay It Forward” campaign visit http://www.mcr.com/payitforward


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