New Gaming Case For iPhone?

SCRATCH TRACKS IMIXID G-RIPPERI’m always looking for the next best thing to enhance my iPhone experience.

Scratch Tracks™ has just introduced the IMIXID® G-RIPPER iPhone Cases and BLOOMBOX Speakers! Although I’m not a gamer, this may prove to be a fan favorite. IMIXID’s G-RIPPER enables handheld gamers on iPhone, iPad and Android to now enjoy extended gaming play with an ergonomic, comfortable and protective case. The G-RIPPER’s familiar hand positioning allows for natural more responsive gaming and the ribbed combed structure will protect your device in the event of an unforeseen crash. G-RIPPERS come in a variety of colors and their design is reminiscent of original 70’s Sci-Fi. Retail pricing will be $19.99-$29.99 and G-Rippers will be available in April.


In another move IMIXID brings back the old school with the BLOOMBOX portable handheld Bluetooth speaker. The BLOOMBOX mini-speaker, like the Ghetto blaster of yesteryear packs a punch with outsized sound and a built-in power bank function. The BLOOMBOX uses 2x40mm full range drivers and a Bounce Back™ passive bass boosting radiator subwoofer. Powered by a 2200 mHA Lithium Polymer batter, the BLOOMBOX has up to 15 hours of playback time and can be used to simultaneously charge a handheld device while playing music. BLOOMBOX connects using Bluetooth V2 including A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP profiles and a built-in mic with advanced noise-cancelling capacities for clear hands free communications. I kinda like this…just might snag a pair.

BLOOMBOX will be available in MAY and comes in Black, Neon Pink and Blue with retail pricing starting at $99.99.

Cool or not cool? What say ye?


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