Shirley Murdock Joins the National Weekend of Prayer

Shirley MurdockOn Friday, January 11th, Shirley Murdock will participate in the National Weekend of Prayer for the end to Human Trafficking (The Modern Day Slavery).

Shirley Murdock will attend a special service in Cincinnati, OH at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in the Harriett Tubman Theater from 7pm-8pm. Murdock will close out the service with a song of prayer and join many in prayer for an end to this current issue plaguing our world.

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The National Weekend of Prayer is a Coalition of abolitionists and prayer leaders. The mission of the Weekend of Prayer is to mobilize prayer in America and to encourage awareness of the issue of human trafficking which is correctly called modern day slavery.

Murdock truly supports this cause and humbled by the opportunity to share her gift as an encouragement to those in attendance and across the country and world.

See link below for more info on the National Weekend of Prayer

http://www.weekendofprayer. net/

Follow Shirley Murdock on Twitter: @ShirleyMurdock



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