INSPIRATION: Allow The Holy Spirit To Permeate Your Atmosphere

Today, allow the Holy Spirit to permeate your atmosphere.

The heaviness of the people is in the atmosphere today. The weights that seem insurmountable seem to be in the atmosphere. On Sunday, you felt so victorious, by Monday morning, your world came crashing down yet again.

You’re thinking to yourself, HOW DID I GET BACK HERE.

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This is what the Children of the Most High must know, Christ Jesus NEVER has a bad day. You are STILL the anointed one. You are STILL the one who has been called to teach the nations. You are STILL the one who has been called to lay hands upon the sick, cast out demons, have visions and dreams, to sing prophetically unto the Lord, to dance prophetically unto the Lord.

You will NOT allow the enemy to take over you and cause you to feel inadequate or defeated. The victory IS yours sayeth the Lord.

Some feel that the mind transition is easier said then done. You’ve tried to pray, but you just can’t because of what you’re facing today. You’re hoping that God will remember the prayers that you have stored up from a few weeks ago.


In the natural, consider grabbing a friend that you can trust, ask them to pray for you. We are here to support one another. Wherever you are, turn on some worship music, keep playing it until your spirit has been rejuvenated. You are not defeated my Child, and I have not left you, sayeth the Lord. Allow God to show off in your life. Allow Him to make you an example of His keeping power.

We bind the spirits of depression, suicide, cutting, low self esteem, unworthiness, feeling unloved, and any other demonic spirit that got off the bus this morning in an effort to disrupt the Children of God. We speak the BLOOD OF JESUS over your household and your family. You shall be restored.

Love you.



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