INSPIRATION: 2013 Will Be On And Poppin!

Well, I hope that your wig is pinned down real good…that your eyelashes have super glue, that your toupee has extra tape, and that your life seatbelt is on tight…cause in 2013, God is gonna blow our minds with the amount of blessings and elevations that are going to come to His children.

Those who have been in a place of serving without complaining…those who have been in the background, those who have repeatedley been told that they or their gifts are worthless, those who have been looked over…GET READY! It’s time for you to take center stage under the leading of the Holy Spirit.

God is getting ready to elevate and place people in positions that they don’t even have the natural education to be in. In 2013, you will see that it is the year of not only the UNEXPECTED but the year of the UNEXPLAINABLE.


You won’t be able to explain in the natural how you grabbed a new 2013 vehicle with a monthly rate that you can manage, even though your credit score is only 550.

You won’t be able to explain in the natural, how you walked away from an accident unharmed and with full coverage/repair from the insurance agency.

You won’t be able to explain how God has elevated you in your local ministry, all for His glory, even though the saints have had their foot on your neck for years…

You won’t be able to explain how you were promoted and received a salary request for an position that should’ve been yours a long time ago.

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The only explanation will be GOD DID IT!!

Hold on saints. Your 2012 bloodbath was not worthless! It was a cleansing and a pruning to prepare you for the floodgates of blessings that will take place from the middle of December and continue throughout 2013.

So get ready yaw, 2013 will be on and poppin!


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