INSPIRATION: Today Will be a unique day for many

Today will be a unique day for many.
You feel unsettled because of the tasks that you MUST complete today, so that you can have peace going forward.

This is a important time because you are preparing to walk into new things in the month of November. Therefore, certain things must be in place.

It’s early in the morning, and you already feel like today will be a day of friction….but when the evening comes, you will have gone through the last phase, and will be able to rest. You will have chiseled off the very things that have been weighing you down all summer.

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Today, we seek and declare the peace of The Lord upon your hearts as you move about today. Don’t let others discourage you as you begin to shed off the things that are weighing you down today. Today, guard your heart and your spirit. Continue to declare the peace of The Lord over your life. Continue to declare His absolute favor over your life.

Thing is, he has already shown you unique favor this week alone. You have received new job assignments. You have received access in places that should’ve been closed. You have received unexpected gifts, unexpected discounts…

God is not finished, and He will help you to complete that very thing that you must do by the end of the day today.

He loves us. He is with us. We shall not fear.


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