PROPHETIC WORD: Get Ready For The Immersion

I hope you’re ready for the immersion that is going to take place in the month of November. God is getting ready to immerse His children deep into their areas of giftings and purpose.

You will finally be a peace concerning the things that you have lost. You will be at peace concerning the things that are dead and gone. SOME of those things, The Lord will restore unto you but better! SOME of those things will NOT be returned, because they had to be removed so that you would be free to be IMMERSED into the next season!

Starting in November, we will see the fruits of the business relationships that we created earlier this year. We will see the new arenas and venues that we are to operate in. Some of you, have already received calls of new opportunities this week, which will begin to culminate in November.The doors, which were once closed to you, will now FLING open! Hallelujah! The locks are going to fall off and you will be able to walk right in!You will find peace in letting go of dead weight, things that just flat out don’t work. You’ve been trying to function in a particular category for the last few years, but it has not yielded anything for your family. You will gain peace in letting it go and moving into the new area that God is placing you in.There is a supernatural shift that will take place in the atmosphere! You will begin to hear from and recognize more of the Prophetic words that will come forth from God’s vineyard.

All of the dirt and grime that has covered you this spring/fall…
All of the tumors that have popped up in your relationships…
All of the war scars from hurt…
All of DAT is gonna be dealt with and washed when you are IMMERSED into this new season.

Be sure to get rid of anything that would cause you to sink to the bottom during the immersion. Pray. Fast. Read. Repent. Meditate.

Get ready yaw, cause the wave is coming!


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