INSPIRATION: Water Ain’t Enough

This has been in my spirit for a few days.

I pray that it rest on the eyes and the ears that God intended it to.

Do you know someone who only drinks water?
At work, you always see a 32 ounce bottle of water on their desk. Whenever you go out for lunch, they always order water.

When you eat a salad with Iceberg lettuce, they look down on you and remind you that it has no real nutrients and pat themselves on the back because they’re eating Romaine lettuce. Yet their Romaine lettuce salad has a ton of high-fat dressing, bacon, and other unhealthy stuff on it.

Let me elaborate?

They drink water, all day, in an effort to have an outward action of being HEALTHY. Yet…their skin is still full of acne, they are still not at their appropriate weight, they are still sluggish and tired every day…YET, they drink water.

WATER alone will not make a person totally healthy and gives them no reason to turn their nose up at you simply because you choose white bread over whole-grain or wheat bread.

If they want to truly be healthy, they must also exercise, eat proper meals, feed their mind, get plenty of rest…everything in moderation.

Let’s look at this from a spiritual perspective.
We will often look down on other saints because we ourselves don’t currently operate in their particular sin.

We ARE at church all day on Sunday, yet we’re backbiting and unforgiving on Monday.

We ARE at Bible Study every time the doors are open, yet we are not faithful in the things that God has given us dominion over.

We DO volunteer for every ministry opportunity, yet we don’t love our brother and sister.

We DO make a monthly contribution to the building fund, yet we don’t take care of our spouse and family.

ATTENDING CHURCH ALONE, will not save us and gives us no reason to look down on anyone.

We think that we’re better than our brother and sister in Christ because we are virgins or are celibate. How dare we?

We all have SOME type of flaw, and without our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, we would all fail.

So the next time you try to tell someone that they are not gifted, not qualified, not worthy, not walking upright simply because they don’t drink WATER…take a look at your plate of Romaine Lettuce.

We gots ta do better yaw.

Copyright Neechy 2012


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