Michelle Obama Rocked The House!

Michelle Obama DEFINITELY rocked the house during the Democratic National Convention. She’s such a great example to women everywhere.

When have we ever had a first lady with such poise, confidence, family values, and such strong support of her husband.

**UPDATE – okay, before yaw get testy, lol, let me explain what I mean by FAMILY VALUES. I’m speaking of how she was concerned about the well being of her children and the strength of her marriage when Obama initially considered running for President. She speaks very candidly about it in the video below.**

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Her speech was so good that Ann Romney is probably changing her vote to Obama! lol.

Now certainly, I’m not telling one who TO or who NOT to vote for. But, what we must remember, whoever we choose will be our PRESIDENT, not our PASTOR.

Anywho, here is one of my favorite clips from her speech. Feel free to post your thoughts in the comments below.



One response to “Michelle Obama Rocked The House!

  1. While I agree that our 1st lady is beautiful, full of poise, and a wonderful example of a strong black woman… I can’t say that as a Christian I am in agreement with her “family values”. She made it very clear that she supports gay marriage and a woman’s right to choose AKA abortion. Both of these go DIRECTLY AGAINST God’s Word and a nation that won’t acknowledge that cannot be pleasing to Him 😦

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