INSPIRATION: 10 Things In My Spirit – August 30

Man…so much in my spirit…let me try to put it into words…

1. Over the last few months, it seems like the Lord has shown us who we can truly trust and who we can’t. It stings a little bit, but at least He showed us before things became lethal.

2. August has caused us to saddle up and make some serious decisions and put our emotions in check so that we can move forward.

3. Over the last few days, things that we have thought about have begun to actually take flight…we all of a sudden have access to certain resources, people, and information…these resources are helping to birth the next phase of our lives.

We are starting to feel kindof giddy in our spirits because we see God working it out! It kinda feels like it is being declared that certain things will be in full effect before midnight on August 31. When God moves, he moves quickly! Do you hear me?

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4. God is fine tuning our gifts. He lovingly corrects us when we don’t properly operate. We are understanding more and more, that the use of our gifts is vital to the Body of Christ and in doing our part in the vineyard to gain souls for Christ.

5. We WANT to be perfected in our area of gifting…we think about it day and night…reading, watching videos, seeking mentors…etc.

We can see that the Prophetic is vital to us, especially in this season. God is raising up a new set of Prophets who are totally sold out for Christ and who will walk in humility.


6. We are understanding that with the gift…there may also be sorrow. We are able to minister to many, yet many times our own hearts are heavy. But we desire to still trust God, knowing that He will birth a testimony in us of how we were able to remain connected to the father, even in the midst of adversity.

7. God has shown you that you have to reorganize your life. You have to schedule your day and be more productive. He is also showing you that He will make a way for you to complete each task. You must remove clutter. You must do an assessment of what has been working and what hasn’t…what makes dollars and what doesn’t make cents/sense…lol.

8. We recognize the heaviness of this season, but we know that this too shall pass.

9. The devil truly tried to kill you this month…matter of fact…in some cases, it feels like he could’ve succeeded. But God kept you in the midst of it all. You shall not die…but live.

10. It’s time for your victory lap. Joy is here! Wake up!


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