INSPIRATION: God Will Keep You While In The Storm

The StormIn this season, things seem super crazy…you can’t even make sense of your day to day emotions. In the natural, you are wondering what in the world is really going on. You want to pray…but these days all you can utter is LORD I NEED YOU, LORD HELP ME…

We used to say, I’M TAKING IT ONE DAY AT A TIME, but in this season…seems like you’re having to take it one HOUR at a time.

You can’t even make sense of all of the disfunction that is taking place in your natural life and surroundings. If you tried to explain it to someone…they wouldn’t even be able to make sense of it all.


Relationships are crazy… the negative THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN TO ME stuff, is actually happening to YOU! You feel like you really should be on the next episode of Jerry Springer.

In some ways…you really want to take a break from attending your home church…so that you can go somewhere and hide. You hate walking into the church, seeing the saints, and hoping that they don’t see your pain, hurt, and lack of satisfaction on your face.

You’re saying Lord, when will this season end?

The natural might be off da-hook…but the thing is, you are VERY sure about your SPIRITUAL calling. You’ve been seeking God and searching the scriptures all year for a clearer understanding of your God-given purpose.

In this season, we will not allow situations to cause us to lose our testimony…no sir. We will stand on the solid rock which is CHRIST JESUS!

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Even though things seem so heavy upon you…really…you feel like body slamming somebody or biting off a chunck of their ear like Tyson…but if you did that…your testimony would be lost. You haven’t cursed in years…but right now seems like a great time to give someone a tongue lashing, lol. But you simply won’t do it, because greater is He that is in YOU than He that is in the world.


Stormy weather is headed to certain parts of the country right now…but you already know that God will keep you through the spiritual storm. We shall rest in Him saints. We shall call upon His great name. We shall submit ourselves unto Him. We shall ask Him for the grace and the strength to make it through this season.

We shall believe Him for a testimony. We shall not give up on ministering to others, just because we are in the valley. We shall continue to do the work of our Lord and wait on Him.

We believe that He shall send His angels to swoop down and see about us. We believe that He is our shield. We believe that He has not forgotten His promises concerning us.

He loves us saints…no better place to be…than in His arms.

**NUGGETS – We’re reminded of how things looked soooo impossible for Sarah and Abraham. But look at how God still gave them a child in their old age.

Romans 4:20-21
20 Yet he did not waver through unbelief regarding the promise of God, but was strengthened in his faith and gave glory to God, 21 being fully persuaded that God had power to do what he had promised.

Saints, we will not waiver in the midst of the storm. God will keep His promises to us. Don’t worry about what it looks like in the natural.


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