Thousands Ready For GOD BELONGS IN MY CITY

God Belongs In My City FloridaI absolutely love this…

The State of Florida is preparing for an epic weekend of unity and prayer. Thousands across the state are expected to come together for the God Belongs In My City Prayer Walk in the designated cities of Jacksonville, Ocala, Orlando, West Palm Beach and Miami on this Saturday, August 25 at 9:30AM. The God Belongs In My City Prayer Walks are an empowering event for communities, families, all age groups, cultures and denominations of faith to take an active stand for their belief. Check out the video below.

Participants of the community walks will travel strategic routes throughout each city, making stops at key destinations for a moment of prayer and wear their “God Belongs In My City” T-Shirt as a display of faith. Concerts, picnics and unity rallies are scheduled before and after the prayer walks with community leaders, city officials and special guests in attendance.

The God Belongs In My City movement is a national campaign established as peaceful unity rallies that started in 2009 and now has hundreds of prayer walks across the country from New York to Hawaii.

Visit for more info.


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