INSPIRATION: Devil Get Off Of My Chest!

Anybody feel like the devil is sitting on your chest like a 3000 pound tiger…growling at you…making loud noises, threatening to eat you? Matter of fact, if he growls at you one-mo-gin…you just might throw up the white flag and surrender.

You feel like you have dual personalities because God is truly blossoming you in your area of ministry, yet your home life is a total mess. Your spouse doesn’t understand your needs. Your children need you. The saints are blowing up your phone.

You feel God resting upon you in ministry, yet you tried to minister to someone and they took it the wrong way. You missed an opportunity to minister to someone else, now you feel super guilty. The people in your local assembly don’t appreciate or recognize your gift…matter of fact…let’s just call them uneducated haters…lol.

All of this is building up and you’re wondering if God truly said to walk in it. Emotionally, you’re holding everything in because you’ve been trying to hold it all together. You think to yourself…man…if I could just get to a quite place with no one around…maybe I could just cry and release all of this emotion…then maybe I would feel better. Seems like that time will never come…

All of what you have experienced during the month of July and the few days of August…will build your spiritual character and will be a testimony to others.

Here’s the thing…the devil ain’t got no new tricks kid! He knows that YOU know that God has gifted you. He knows that you have finally decided to confidently accept and walk in the call. He knows that in about 2.5 seconds, you are about to explode in the atmosphere, all unto the glory of God. The enemy HAS to get off of your chest!

So bend your knees, put your feet in the stirrups, and get ready to push, the spiritual baby is crowning yaw! The birthing process alone is a miracle…YOU are a walking miracle.

In a few moments, many authors, teachers, preachers, prophets, writers, intercessors, leaders, directors, and warriors will be birthed in the spirit.

So go head, walk on in Jesus with your anointed self!


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