Carl Brister Donates $700 to Charity

You know what? I love stories like this.
Check out the press release that was sent to me today.

Carl BristerDealing with society and all its wrongs circling unfit fathers it seems that an event uplifting fathers who support and play a key role in their children’s lives would be so right.“DJ Jazzy Cazzie” of Plainfield, New Jersey was known for three things: Loving Music, Loving People and loving for all to have a good time! In honor of him, his son decided to do something special.

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The First “Jazzy Café” event was held by Gospel recording artist Carl Brister in celebration of his father’s legacy seems to still be buzzing. “Jazzy’s Café” was held just in time for Fathers Day on June 14, 2012 and during one of the most celebrated months for African Americans since 1979, African-American Music Appreciation Month.

“Jazzy’s Café” event raised $700 dollars for “The Young Father’s Program” of UMDNJ, providing support to young fathers throughout New Jersey with job search assistance, career development, parenting workshops and classes. Carl Brister says “_Jazzy’s Café” is a way to honor my dad by giving support to an organization that helps other young fathers who want to do their best for their children too.”_

With the controversies surrounding “dead beat dads” it was only right for Carl Brister to switch the tone and bring in Fathers Day on a positive note with his music video Daddy’s Angel, which was released at the event. The video honored all dads of various backgrounds, ages, and cultures who wanted to celebrate the love of a daddy’s angel.

The event was held at the Farones Club (Intercontinental Building), 311 East Front Street, Plainfield, NJ 07060. Featuring guest singers and musicians Viola Sykes, Carmen Brown, Don Corey Washington, Lynette Sheard, Anthony Ponder & Ministry’s Desire, Taraka, “Sweet” Willie Green and musician extraordinaire Aaron F. Brown serving as House Band Leader.

Carl Brister recognized one of the most influential men of his career and on his life, his father “DJ Jazzy Cazzie” who also served as an inspiration for his supporting other great fathers during a time when music matters the most and when dads are honored. Carl Brister says “I was blessed to have a good father in my life and learned a lot about taking care of my family from him.”

Carl Brister is the father of two young men Justin (5 yrs.old) and Jordan (3 yrs.old)


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