David Ivey Returns With Mid-Week Worship Tour

David Ivey is a prolific singer and songwriter whose talents are treasured by the gospel music industry. Ivey is bringing an anointed experience to churches across the country via his “Empty Sanctuary Tour.” Ivey was inspired to launch this tour out of a passion to change the current landscape facing the religious community.

As statistics show a decline in U.S. church attendance, the tour supports pastors’ efforts to reinforce the value of assembling together mid-week in addition to the traditional Sunday service.

According to the Barna Group’s June 26, 2011 report, “Barna Examines Trends in 14 Religions Factors over 20 Years (1991 to 2011), the percentage of unchurched Americans increased by more than 50 percent. Also, the Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion & Public Life 2008 U.S. Religious Landscape Survey shows that only 15 percent of Americans attend religious services more than once a week. This means that often, sanctuaries are empty throughout the week and Ivey hopes to reshape this reality by partnering with ministries to celebrate the value and power of assembling together for mid-week worship.

David Ivey has spent several years traveling with Israel Houghton and Fred Hammond. He has also co-written songs for Fred Hammond, Marvin Sapp, Darwin Hobbs, Lexi, Vickie Winans and others. Ivey’s voice is featured as a lead in several Radical for Christ songs as well as on several records in Integrity Music’s Praise and Worship in the House series.

Follow David Ivey on Twitter @DavidIveyMusic.


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