GMA Planning Subs During Robin Roberts Medical Leave

Robin RobertsA few weeks ago, Robin Roberts of GOOD MORNING AMERICA announced that she was recently diagnosed with a Myelodysplastic Syndrome, which is a serious blood and bone marrow disease.(SEE THE VIDEO BELOW)

She has already begun the chemotherapy process and is preparing for a bone marrow transplant in a few months. Given the nature of the treatment and the operation, it could take Robin up to 4 months to recover.

According to Reuters:

Two weeks after “Good Morning America” anchor Robin Roberts announced she was being treated for a rare blood and bone marrow disease, the number of people offering to donate bone marrow has jumped, according to officials.

More than 12,000 people joined the donation registry Be The Match in the two weeks after the ABC morning show co-host announced she has MDS, a disease requiring a bone marrow transplant, on June 11, registry officials said on Tuesday. Previously, the monthly average was 9,000, they said.

Many have questions about who will fill her shoes while she’s gone. In my opinion, this will be quite hard to do. Robin has such a calm energy and she is well liked by many. However, reports state that GMA may look to Diane Sawyer, Connie Chung, Joan Lunden and others.

I think that Robin Roberts is a total rock-star…seriously. She beat Breast Cancer 5 years ago. Remember the day that she revealed her bald head? I thought that that was such a defining moment of confidence. She’s a trooper, for real.

Let us keep her and our family in our prayers.


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