INSPIRATION: A Season Of Death

Praise the Lord.
I’d like to share what God has placed in my spirit today.
If it resonates with you, feel free to leave a comment or send an e-mail.
Feel free to post a scripture as well.
God bless!


Saints, you MUST recognize that we are in a season of death.

Certainly we are human, so there will be tears and shock as our loved ones make their transition.

In the midst of this, there is an understanding that we must gain about those who are in the land of the living. 

God is calling those who are in hiding, scared, nervous, feeling unsure about whether or not to step out, those who have been looked at as if they are not anointed – yet they KNOW that God said GO FOR IT, and all of the above – it is time for you to step out!

READ: I Will Not Be Distracted

2 things that we must observe…

1. There are seeds that have been planted, yet they haven’t been exposed to the spiritual sunlight that is necessary for growth. There are other plants that have been blocking the sun…not purposefully…but it’s their time to step into the shade, so that the new seeds can SHINE BABY! All unto the glory of God!

2. There will be a changing of the guards in the coming months.

Your eyes will look to teachers and leaders who are not necessarily currently in the public eye – but soon and very soon, they WILL be…whether it be locally or globally.

Seek the Lord for His direction during this season. Seek Him for understanding of YOUR placement in this growing and changing garden.

Don’t panic concerning the amount of deaths that you shall see over the next 18 months. Think about it this way…if we always had the season of FALL…there would be no winter. If there was never a death to WINTER, when would the April showers bring May flowers? Ha! Go head nah Jesus!

God’s plan is always perfect.


One response to “INSPIRATION: A Season Of Death

  1. You are the fourth person I’ve heard say this or had conversation in reference to this. The remnants are coming forth. JESUS! Thank you Neechy for this confirmation!



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