I Feel Like Runnin!


I feel like RUNNING RIGHT NOW! God is SOOOO Good!

So, I called a family member of mine – to check up on something.

I haven’t talked to this person in years. This person has an issue with substance abuse, and has for a number of years.

Sooo, here was the dialogue…

ME: So how have you been?”

THEM: Oh, you know me, just trying to stay above water.

ME: You will.

THEM: Oh, you think so?

ME: Yep. God will keep you.

THEM: You know, I remember some years ago when God delivered your sister from that car accident. I prayed so hard to God that he wouldn’t take my baby (their niece – my sister).  And wouldn’t you know it, she was talking 2 days later! I said Lord, You are sooo good.

ME: Yep, God is good!

This may seem like something very small to you all. But to know…that this person…who is often times “out of it” due to substance abuse….that they still remembered how awesome our God was. I just thank HIM! I know that HE is a deliverer and that HE will deliver my family member in HIS time. I LOVE YOU JESUS!!


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