Uh….Sir? Pole Dance – I Need You To Survive

Well, I will let you make your own assumption.
This guy did a pole dance to I NEED YOU TO SURVIVE by Hezekiah Walker.


7 responses to “Uh….Sir? Pole Dance – I Need You To Survive

  1. So many thoughts: a)I feel sooo bad for his mother, b) he practiced a LONG TIME before taping this and never thought ONCE that this was a hot mess, c) imagine walking into his house and the first thing you see…the pole! d) taking off his hat at the end made it especially classy! e) I was waiting for him to hit his head on something. Is that wrong? Lord help him!

  2. ok…. i was laughin so hard I almost threw up! But then I started watchin him… he is sweet on the pole lol. but why in the he-heck did he chose that song? should it be looked at as a form of worship for him? or blasphemy towards Jesus? hmmmmm

  3. As I watched this, I kept an open mind of the perforamance as he took what was once vulgar and made it a dance before the Lord. I remember as a child twirling around on the playground bar and dance, not to be slutty but to be an expressive child.

    I remember how churc people would get upset when rap music and hip hop was used in church. Thank you Toby Mac and Kirk Franklin.

    Watch this again and take the mind out of the gutter my fellow Christians and see the pure worship he is giving to God.

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