Facebook – November 21, 2009

Penciled In Eyebrows12:10 p.m. –
Uhhhh….can I put out a mandate to those who pencil in their eyebrows? The goal is to enhance, not OVERTAKE the eyebrow. Ladies, use a shade of pencil that is close to your actual brow color but not too dark. Use gentle strokes and then brush with an eyebrow brush to blend. Follow the natural brow line, don’t go above – up into your hairline! kay? – Neechy 2009

3:19 p.m. –
Well, I’m just crazy enough to believe that God has me in the palm of His hands. I believe that there is nothing too hard for Him. I believe that He already knows the plans that He has for me. I believe that He is going to perfect and provide according to His perfect will. I believe that I live for HIM, HE will do amazing things in my life. I believe that an advance praise is due, NOW! – Neechy 2009


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