God is Pruning Me

Well, I’d be lying if I said that this week wasn’t unique.

I KNOW that God is pruning me. Some would call it a test. My prayer has been, that God would give me the grace to maintain during this time.

I found out that one of my good friends had a medical condition that has caused her to have to alter her lifestyle a bit. My heart just sank…I just couldn’t believe it. I know that God can restore her to perfect health.

I also been dealing with forgiveness…having to forgive someone who has heart and wrong you sooo bad. Forgiveness is required. Of course we don’t always wanna do it, because when we feel like we’ve been wronged – we gotta let the person know it! We have to tell them off or show our anger. But we want God to forgive us. So we too must walk in forgiveness. When you don’t forgive, bitterness sets up in your spirit like a cancer…it can eat away at you. Meanwhile, the person who has wronged you…has gone on about their business.

I went to the person that wronged me, and I told them that I forgive them. And I told them that I apologized for anything that I had done to offend them. I can’t tell you how freeing that was. I was able to walk into the church today and minister with clean hands and a clean spirit. Now just imagine, if I had held onto that…I wouldn’t have been clean for ministry.

I thank God for His pruning. I am thankful that He loves me enough to clean me up.

Thing is, our group was supposed to fast yesterday. And I kept thinking…well, I can eat a little something, no one will know. But I thank God, because He kept me. I didn’t break the fast.

During praise service today, I was sooo humbled that God used me. If I had not obeyed his commandment to forgive, to apologize, and to fast, I would’ve missed what He wanted me to share with His people today.

God is so amazing.


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