God’s Got My Back! Fo Sho!

Man…I am loving Jesus soooo much right now!

I admit, I was  a little frustrated over the last few days, because I kinda felt like somethings that I do, were being taken for granted.

But last night, I went to the Extraordinary Women’s conference and I read something…”It’s not the PROBLEM, it’s how you DEAL with the problem, that determines the outcome.” I have to learn how to deal with things differently. It doesn’t mean that everything will go my way, but I can seek to find a way for God to get the glory and for HIM to be pleased, rather than getting upset or frustrated.

Mandisa was at the conference, she is soooo transparent and sooo inspiring. Mandisa, YOU ROCK SISTER!

This afternoon, I was headed to a meeting. I went to a gas station that is across the street from my house.  I didn’t even want to stop at the gas station, but….the tank was super duper duper duper low…lol. When I got out, I noticed that the tire was flat. As I got closer, I realized that the tire was about 80% ripped. I could see down to the silver threads. I wanted to just run and rejoice because. But I thank God for HIS protection!! If I would have gotten on the expressway, I could’ve hit a pothole or speed bump that could’ve blown out the tire, and could’ve caused a very serious accident.

Now who will praise God with me?!?!

I give God praise because HE is sooo amazing and merciful – always providing and protecting. HE’S GOT MY BACK!!!

Do you know how many times I have driven up and down the highway this week? Unaware that there was an issue with the tire?!!? I thank God for HIS protection.


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