I Will NOT Be Distracted

Okay, okay…it just must be MY TIME for God to talk to me! lol.

Because He has been sittin’ a sista straight for about 2 weeks! lol. So, this morning, at about 7:00 a.m., I heard this message from Bishop Noel Jones. And I’m tellin’ you, it was for me. God wants our minds to be clear and totally focused on HIM! Anything that controls your mind – also controls you.

I give God praise, because HE loves us sooooo much. HE is holy, so HE desires that we be holy. HE loves us sooo much, that HE will put a word in someones mouth, that is on-time and just for us. I give HIM the highest praise!

Enjoy this message, and if it has blessed you, please leave a comment. I only watched part I, but I have attached part II if you desire to listen to it.

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One response to “I Will NOT Be Distracted

  1. bishop i was listening to what you are saying on part two about the devil i refuse to give the devil my mind and thoughts he cause ya think all kind of foolish things.that why i need god to help me out though diferent situation and has always come through for me.people have said negative to me and listen to them and miss out on the things of god.bishop continue let god used you!you are one powerful man of god.

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