God Put Me In Check Today

TextingYesterday, I was sooooo irritated, because I was trying to share an exciting story with one of my pals.
During 95% of my conversation, the person kept texting! Obviously, I felt uncomfortable because I felt like they weren’t listening, as if they were distracted by what seemed to THEM – to be more important. They kept having to ask me what I said or reiterate what I said to make sure that they had the story correct. I was sooooo annoyed!

But…then about 6 hours later, God revealed to me – that I treat HIM that way at times. Often times HE wants our TOTAL ear and EYES when HE is trying to speak to us. But we are sooo consumed with texting, that we can’t even pay full attention during Bible Class or a church service, so we can’t hear what HE is trying to say and things become unclear. Often times HE wants that private time with us to tell us something exciting in prayer, but we are sooo caught up with our daily task or issues, that we can’t give HIM our total attention.

Well, I thank God, that HE took the time to put me in check today. I love you Jesus!


2 responses to “God Put Me In Check Today

  1. If we took the time to listen to GOD our struggles would not be so prolonged. He loves us so much that he gave his only begotten son. He is not interested in withholding any good thing. He has promised beauty for our ashes and to restore all that the locust has stolen. He is faithful to his word!! He is not a man that he should lie, nor the sun of man, that he should repent. GOD sometimes speaks to quietly that we tend to ignore him and continue with our own agenda. That okay. He’s a gentlemen. Failure to listen only hurts us. He doesn’t need to yell to get your attention, he has the power to take life and give life. Yelling and pushing is only for the fearful, because they know that they have no power.

  2. Very insightful, this is one of my pet peeves wth people! Not giing e their full atention so I definately know how God feels! Good read!

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