Tonex? Uhm…Sir? What and What da World?

Good goobley goo!!! What da world! Am I the LAST to know?!?!?!? I know that it seems like homosexual week on…here goes…Ya GOT ta love da brutha for being honest though. Props to Lexi for the interview.

Many of you have wondered whether or not Tonex dated males or females. You had questions about his music and about his wardrobe….Well, I must say, I appreciate that he gave this candid interview and was very upfront and honest. Listen for yourself and tell me what your thoughts are. What type of message does this send to the body of Christ? What about those who are church leaders? What message does it send to the homosexual community? What message does it send to those in music?

There are 3 videos below. In the first one you can watch the entire interview, or fast forward to 6:50 to get right to the meat of the whole thing.

In this video, he speaks on the music. What are your thoughts? To get right to the meat, start at 5:55.

Here are his thoughts on heterosexual relationships and the levels of sin…Your thoughts?


4 responses to “Tonex? Uhm…Sir? What and What da World?

  1. I watched all 3 parts today on You Tube, then burned my CD’s by him!


    AND… he thinks cause he was honest about his sex life, and the fact that not only is he having sex out of any type of marriage (what chapter is covenants with men covered) but gay sex, yet he STILL says he will get into Heaven! WHAT IS HE TEACHING IN HIS CHURCH?????


  2. I saw this video earlier today and I was saddened. The thing about it is, the church created this monster. People would have ( and still do) pimp this young man because he is very gifted. However, what are gifts, when you are lost, confused, and have no certainty or discernment between right or wrong. Tonex said alot of truth in the sense where people are not generally honest about things of this nature. However, just because he is honest in this interview, that does not make it acceptable behavior. Sin is still sin. Point blank. If one is not careful, they could easily mistake this video as being one to condone homosexuality within the church ( as if we don’t have enough of that going on already). Next thing you know, we’ll have Donald Lawrence and Bobby Jones coming out with their stories, etc. Then they will all join Carlton Pearson with the whole Inclusion doctrine, with the church, fans, and supporters following.

    I am saddened, but not surprised by the fact that he is still Pastoring a church. This is what ‘church’, particularly black church has come to. True deliverance and repentance is what is necessary.

    In the interview Tonex mentioned about how he tried the whole deliverance thing. People were dealing and screaming at the spirit of homosexuality. Tonex NAMED the spirits that they should have been dealing with…I’m not sure if anyone else caught that, but he was right. Jealousy, envy, lust, and PRIDE are all rooting strongholds that have plagued his life. As a result of allowing these spirits to take resident, he indulged in homosexual behaviors. This is how it works. Deal with the root spirit. This interview really had alot of underlying concepts that I’m wondering if anyone else caught. Man. Crazy.

    A spirit of repentance is what’s needed.


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