Ms. Jay – The Gay Agenda?

K, sooooooo. There has been lots of talk about the “gay/homosexual” agenda.
Well, look at this video. Ms. Jay (America’s Next Top Model” wins an award for the most FAB-U-LOUS…which is pretty much a male who is stylish while and when wearing heals.

Fast forward to 1:15 to get right to the clip.

First of all, who thought to create this category and why?
Second, why would they go as far as to push this onto teens and children?
And Tenth…people, we’ve got to be mindful of what we watch on television. The enemy will try to sneak in his little helpers in any way he can.
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4 responses to “Ms. Jay – The Gay Agenda?

  1. What in the WORLD are we letting into our homes???
    To “glamorize” being “gay, lesbian, trans-gender, etc is just yet another downfall of America today and what is leading us to our own destruction! God has allowed “his people” to fall many times before, and for us to think God will continue to Bless this nation as we allow things like this to be glorified, or gay marriage is just fooling ourselves!

    First to allow Perez Hilton to be a judge for a BEAUTY contest… judging WOMEN was a mistake (It’s amazing he didn’t win this award in the first place). I still say shame on Mr. Trump for ever allowing that man a voice, and worse yet, letting his voice to continue to have weight in that situation was worse.

    As for “MS. JAY,” he is one of many reasons that I couldn’t watch the ANTM show, as they continued to allow his antics to be seen as something to be glorified week after week! I LOVE TYRA, but between “him” and later hearing they allowed a transgender be a model on the show… it was just the end of any respect for Tyra!

    The others in the contest I am not familiar with, although I am sure they are equal to being seen as role models to our youth today!

    To slip this in for a teen choice award show is unthinkable. Today we are MORE WORRIED how “that black President” may corrupt the youth with talk of “going to school” and “work harder” and “be all you can be!” The mere thought of it makes me want to join the Communist Party and become Socialists! Where are our standards as God fearing Americans (In God we Trust) that we worry more about Obama talking to the kids, yet it’s ok for them to see “Ms. Jay” as a role model, or Borat, or Brittney???


  2. @BBAMS, you’re right. God is not pleased with this. I have noticed that when it comes to living right people make up all types of exscuses. You’ll hear plenty of folks say “well, they’re going to do it anyway, so it really doesn’t matter” or “stop judging them.” But if you say something negative about somebody Black, it’s an all out war.

    1) It’s weird that he said, “Who said that Black men don’t surf?” when he calls himself Miss J.

    2) At 2:58, he said that he wanted to thank Tyra Banks for making him a promise that she kept. Was it a promise to promote his gay agenda?

  3. This is the enemies way of trying to take the stage in our lives.
    Parents should get off the computer, come from work early, stay up late, sit with their children at church, turn the television off, tell their friend to go home, or what ever it takes to allow them more time to see what their children are watching. Young parents these days use the television to be the baby sitter while attend to their own agenda. GOD will hold them accountable for this.!!


    1st the GAY AGENDA gives us this…
    2nd it’s the Ellen on Idol to give the gay community a chance to win


    it’s TONEX!!!


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