Should Saved Men Wear Earrings?

Hey all, this is just my opinion on whether or not saved brotha’s should wear earrings…well ANY male?
Leave your opinion via the comment section below.
I would love to hear your thoughts.
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God bless!


2 responses to “Should Saved Men Wear Earrings?

  1. JMO of course, but I believe that there’s an even finer line between adornment and vanity. A small stone on a man, in one ear, is OK with me – straight, gay, saved – whateva.

    What I really don’t care for (or find appropriate in many situations, including those surrounding worship) is dude with “matching pairs” OR single HUGE earrings. It’s garish, gaudy, and whether accurate or not, makes me believe I’m dealing with a very vain person. i don’t like to judge because when I do those people always have a lesson for me!

    I don’t view these guys as “gender competition” (I know you said you like the “be the lady” at the jewelery counter) but I, myself, just can’t fathom a mans desire to wear a pair of earrings.

    And yes – I have a pierced ear. For a long time I wore a small stud (3 to 3.5mm or less, small ruby, sapphire, and emerald). I do have a 1/4 karat diamond but I hardly ever wore it – it was (snicker) too girly for me.

    I pierced my ear in 1979 or 80 – don’t clearly recall why, I am sure it was an attempt at individualism. As I matured it mattered to me less and less…. but even today the piercing is still there… maybe I’ll slip one in for church tomorrow and see what happens 😉

    All the best –

  2. I’m torn on this issue. I don’t want to raise tradition to a level of principle, and say that because that was the way I was taught all these years that men who do it aren’t saved. I don’t think I’m comfortable with saying that. However, since it is a cultural thing (with our culture being ungodly and all) I don’t think saved men should emulate the culture. I think we should be separate from the world.

    I think Apostle Paul made it clear in Romans 14 that if you are strong in the faith and can “eat meat,” and there’s a brother that is weak in the faith and cannot “eat meat,” then the strong brother should bear the infirmities of the weak. Neither can judge the other. I think that principle applies to anything not categorized as sin.

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