Secular Music?

Okay, so, I’m totally blown a way.
Someone sent me a link that lead me to a version of Rhianna’s UMBRELLA that was played backwards. I know that this is a popular song, even amongst some “saints” that are looking for a “clean” secular song as a way to justify their reasons for listening to it.

To my surprise, the song has huge bi-sexual undertones, as well as references to atheism and to someone else being her “holy ghost”. Are you kidding me?

Of course there were tons of other links to the infamous “666” clip from Jay-Z.

My point is this, people of God. We can’t be lukewarm. 
It is clear that Lucifer LOVED music. It is clear that music is something that stays in our spirits for a long time. We have GOT to guard our hearts/ears.

This is no time to play, not even with the music. There are so many spirits on these songs.
When we select music, even the music that we call “inspirational or positive” we have got to guard our spirits. Many people say that they are not listening to the words, but that they are listening to the beat.

But do we realize, that when these artists go into the studio, the have a motive to make you feel/react a certain way thru their music.

Now this part is hearsay, but I understand that Little Wayne can only record while under the influence of some type of drug. So what message do you think that he is sending? I’ve noticed that there are a ton of teen females who are drawn to his music.

Oh, and on a side note, I watched a faith-based program the other day. One of the HHH rappers was being interviewed. He was asked what was in his ipod at the moment…the first person that he named was KANYE WEST. I was blown away. When is it okay to promote this on a faith-based program? Do I respect him for being so-called REAL?

People of God, seriously…don’t be lukewarm.
Pray and live like today was your last day.

HERE IS THE LINK, but please, I beg of you, please guard your heart and your spirit before viewing this. 


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